The Blog

This blog was inspired by a desire to documentreflect and connect.  Documenting my own growth as a teacher is part of my learning process.  This documentation gives me the ability to look back and reflect on my progress, as well as my strengths and weaknesses.  It allows me to share my practice with other teachers around the world, hopefully in a way that increase collaboration and connections across our classrooms.  Finally, I find that teacher’s voices often take up only a small amount of space in the media that is produced about topic of education.  I hope this blog can aid in the amplification of the teacher narrative.

The Writer

Emily Vallillo was born in New York City, raised in New Jersey, lived in Connecticut, Chicago, and France, and is now located in São Paulo, Brazil.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Letters, the cultivation of the creative imagination, at Wesleyan University where she graduated with honors.  She has worked as a middle school english language arts instructor and humanities teacher.  In Chicago, she was the founding high school reading teacher and developed the curriculum, course, and library for the high-school’s reading program.  She has experience in the arts and has developed and taught film and theater intensive courses.  Her work has been in international and inner-city schools and she has attended professional development in the United States, Brazil, and India.  In 2012 she presented at the Expeditionary Learning National conference, in 2014 she presented at the AASSA conference and her class was open for observation at Innovate 2015.

Emily’s passions include arts integration, teaching with technology, globally-connected learning, inquiry-instruction, game-based instruction and student-driven learning.  She loves photography, writing, language learning, and theater.

To learn more about her work, subscribe to her teaching and learning blog and follow her on twitter.


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